Brochures & Demonstration Signs

We should have the following brochures available for passing out to interested doctors.  Protesting in front of the hotel on the public walk way, we may not be close enough to any of the doctors to hand out anything.

We should have 500 each of the first four brochures and 150 each of the last Igx brochure.  My plan is to start with the ILADS brochure, then put the other 3 or 4 into a fold of the ILADS brochure, then rubber band sets of 25 each, for demonstrators that hand out brochures to doctors, if at all possible.

Take 250 brochure sets (10 rubber banded small bundles) to the Tuesday afternoon/evening protest.

Take leftover sets and remaining 250 sets for the Friday morning protest.

My guess is that we will have best chance of seeing / meeting doctors during their lunch break / dinner break.

Please feel free to design and bring your own poster, however, we have the following available demonstration posters already available. Let me know how many people would like to hold posters, whether bringing their own or using one of the following:

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